Abuse Excuse | I’m out I’m out I’m out!  FINALLY and I’m hungry...

I’m out I’m out I’m out!

and I’m hungry but nobody’s been going to the store so there isn’t a lot of food

but I have this mnms shirt I have had most of my life
it’s really stupid they have clothes and are doing 90s things lookit that walkman. and on the back it says melts in your mouth mouth in your hands which always sounded like a sex thing to me

but yay I am out and no one is around to hate me so there

(oh also, we were trying to think of a nickname for me because most other people have real names that aren’t the main name and I don’t have an official one and we want something cute but also that makes sense and I was thinking Fiver, cause isn’t that the messed up bunny from watership down? And I think I’m kinda an age slider cause I’ve been around a long time and I’m really smart and can talk about grown up stuff and do grown up stuff but the way I talkand the things I like is like I’m somewhere between five and seven? So Fiver maybe. I will think about it)

-Little One

04/25/14 at 5:21am
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